In The Emperor's Name

MarkS harlies

Faction: Eldar Harlequins

Created by MarkS

Name Grit FV SV Speed Points Notes
MarkS harlie2 6+ +5 +5 +5 89 Leader. Holo Field (7+ to hit). Jokaero Digital Weapons (1pts). Harlequin's Kiss (0pts). Flayed One Blades (2pts). Power Fist (4pts). Stealth (5pts). Sniper (5pts). Daemon Lore (5pts). Combat Master (5pts). True Grit (10pts). The Path of Shadows (10pts). The Path of Light (10pts). Mask of Death (10pts).
MarkS harlie 1 6+ +6 +5 +6 100 Holo Field (7+ to hit). Executioner Chainsword (6pts). Shuriken Catapult (5pts). Sniper Rifle (5pts). Combat Master (5pts). Daemon Lore (5pts). Sniper (5pts). Stealth (5pts). Mask of Death (10pts). The Path of Light (10pts). The Path of Shadows (10pts). True Grit (10pts).
Total: 189


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