Retinue Name: Ancillae Apparatus

Faction: Rogue Trader

Created by: Euansmith

Notes: Directed by the Machine Spirit, the Ancillae Apparatus seek to defend the weak and punish the unholy.

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Name Grit FV SV Speed Points Notes Actions
Emerson 3+ +0 +0 +1 37 Leader. Refractor Shield (7+ to hit). Jokaero Digital Weapons (1pts). Analyze (5pts). Vox-caster (5pts). Auspex (10pts). Physically less able than his cohorts, Emerson uses technology to assist and direct them on their missions (Emerson's Speed is 4 for Initiative and -2 for everything else). The Machine Spirit grants him cyptic clues to direct his attention to each new threat. (not logged in)
Chapman 3+ +2 +2 +0 31 Leader. Carapace Armour (7+ to hit). Shotgun (1pts). Shockmaul (1pts). Autopistol (0pts). Nose for Trouble (5pts). Desperate Shot (5pts). Once a dirty Arbite, mired in corruption, Chapman has been bullied on to the righteous path by his involvement with Emerson and Caviezel (not logged in)
Caviezel 2+ +3 +3 +3 48 Displacer Field (8+ to hit). Bolt Pistol (3pts). Stealth (5pts). Vox-caster (5pts). Once employed as an assassin, Caviezel has found redemption assisting Emerson in his mission. (not logged in)
Shahi 2+ +2 +4 +2 42 Displacer Field (8+ to hit). Bolt Pistol (3pts). Stealth (5pts). Nearly emotionless, Shahi finds the excitment she craves under Emerson's guidance. (not logged in)
Aker 2+ +1 +4 +2 42 Holo Field (7+ to hit). Bolt Pistol (3pts). Warpsight (10pts). Mentally unstable, Aker has been chosen by the Machine Spirit as her interface with the world of flesh. (not logged in)
Total: 200