Retinue Name: Confrerie du Titane

Faction: Squats

Created by: DinoVD

Notes: Repair:
A Squat Engineer may move into contact with a damaged device or vehicle and attempt to repair it. If he passes a Grit roll, the device is repaired. He cannot shoot in that turn, and can only defend in melee.

Combat Engineer:
An engineer in contact with a heavy weapon adds an additional +1 to the weapon's Combat Bonus. This represents the engineer assisting the gunner in finding weak spots in the enemy's defences. An engineer can also quickly prepare improvised defences. If he spends one turn stationary in cover, he then increases the cover value by +1. A given area cover can never be increased by more than +1, regardless of how long the engineer stays there.

Graviton Gun :
Roll to hit as normal. If the shot hits, the target is automatically immobilized (no Grit roll allowed). The effect lasts for d3 turns. Immobilized models cannot carry out any actions whatsoever. If hit by a shooting or melee attack, they may attempt a Grit roll. Models caught in the effect when the game ends recover automatically.

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Name Grit FV SV Speed Points Notes Actions
Thorrun 2+ +4 +4 +0 35 Leader. Carapace Armour (7+ to hit). Laspistol (2pts). Power Weapon (3pts). (not logged in)
Rasfark 3+ +2 +2 +0 23 Flak Jacket (6+ to hit). Battleaxe (1pts). Heavy Bolter (6pts). (not logged in)
Drinhugim 3+ +2 +2 +0 19 Flak Jacket (6+ to hit). Battleaxe (1pts). Flamethrower (line) (2pts). (not logged in)
Dornthau 3+ +5 +4 +0 41 Carapace Armour (7+ to hit). Bolt Pistol (3pts). Thunder Hammer (4pts). Bless the Weapon's Spirit (10pts). (not logged in)
Grimzad 3+ +2 +2 +0 20 Flak Jacket (6+ to hit). Battleaxe (1pts). Bolt Pistol (3pts). (not logged in)
Braddranma 3+ +2 +2 +0 20 Flak Jacket (6+ to hit). Battleaxe (1pts). Bolt Pistol (3pts). (not logged in)
Grilgo 2+ +3 +3 +0 44 Carapace Armour (7+ to hit). Graviton Gun (3pts). Power Weapon (3pts). (5pts). (5pts). Repair, Combat Engineer (not logged in)
Total: 202