Retinue Name: Inquisitor Helmrich's Warband

Faction: Ordo Hereticus

Created by: Philmillar

Notes: Helmrich is a member of the Ordo Hereticus, he thinks of himself as a Puritan and as such, is staunchly and unflinchingly dedicated to wiping out the threat of the mutant and the witch, he has lost none of the vigor of youth and remains as convinced of his methods now as he was when he began many years ago.

Due to his singular view on the work of the Holy Inquisition, he has no interest in the politics or schemes of his colleagues and cares only for punishing those who he feels are guilty.

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Name Grit FV SV Speed Points Notes Actions
Inquisitor Helmrich 2+ +3 +3 +1 58 Leader. Refractor Shield (7+ to hit). Sword (1pts). Plasmagun (6pts). Laspistol (2pts). Hard to Kill (5pts). Bionics (5pts). Targeter (10pts). (not logged in)
The Brazen 4+ +3 +0 +2 41 Synthskin (6+ to hit). Sword (1pts). Power Weapon (3pts). Stealth (5pts). Untouchable (5pts). Combat Master (5pts). Limiter (10pts). A mind-slaved Blank, trained to be an assassin of Psykers. (not logged in)
Pylius Tor 4+ +1 +3 +0 29 Flak Jacket (6+ to hit). Hellgun (8pts). Autopistol (0pts). Iron Discipline (5pts). Vox-caster (5pts). Only survivor of the Kendorian XXVIIth Regiment which was destroyed in the Fallaxian Incident. (not logged in)
Gunnar Yox 4+ +1 +3 +1 23 Flak Jacket (6+ to hit). Plasma Pistol (3pts). Bolt Pistol (3pts). Nose for Trouble (5pts). Ex-Underhive hired gun from Hive Tarticus Tolvald VI (not logged in)
Preacher Torvius 4+ +1 +1 +0 14 Just clothing (5+ to hit). Sword (1pts). Laspistol (2pts). Invoke Faith (5pts). An Imperial Preacher who has been with Helmrich for decades. (not logged in)
Thaddeus Mu-93 3+ +3 +0 +1 28 Just clothing (5+ to hit). Shockmaul (1pts). Power Fist (4pts). Terror (5pts). Bionics (5pts). An Arco-flagellant (not logged in)
Total: 193