Retinue Name: Quijotte & co

Faction: Ordo Malleus

Created by: Lenaing

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Name Grit FV SV Speed Points Notes Actions
Confesseur Aarghal 4+ +1 +0 +0 9 Leader. Just clothing (5+ to hit). Slugga (1pts). Power Weapon (3pts). (not logged in)
Pansa 3+ +2 +2 +0 25 Leader. Flak Jacket (6+ to hit). Plasma Pistol (3pts). Mace (1pts). Desperate Shot (5pts). il a le sang chaud (not logged in)
Chevalier Quijotte 2+ +5 +5 +1 97 Leader. Space Marine Terminator Armour (10+ to hit). Storm Bolter (5pts). Force Weapon (10pts). Untouchable (5pts). Terror (5pts). Stalwart (5pts). Invoke Faith (5pts). Daemon Lore (5pts). Combat Master (5pts). Bless the Weapon's Spirit (10pts). GK (not logged in)
C.H.A.T. 5+ +0 +1 +2 17 Servitor Combat Chassis (7+ to hit). Mechanical Claw (1pts). Sniper Rifle (5pts). (not logged in)
Molino 4+ +1 +2 +0 23 Carapace Armour (7+ to hit). Laspistol (2pts). Lasgun (3pts). Bayonet (0pts). Nose for Trouble (5pts). (not logged in)
Servantes 4+ +0 +2 +0 18 Servitor Combat Chassis (7+ to hit). Heavy Bolter (6pts). (not logged in)
Dulcinée 4+ +1 +1 +1 21 Just clothing (5+ to hit). Neuro-Disruptor (2pts). Laspistol (2pts). Medic (5pts). Analyze (5pts). sista en blanc (not logged in)
Juge Ti 3+ +2 +2 +0 32 Imperial Power Armour (8+ to hit). Bolter (4pts). Bayonet (0pts). Grenade (0pts). Sniper (5pts). (not logged in)
Total: 242