Retinue Name: Commissar Black's Ogryns

Faction: Imperial Guard

Created by: Baskieri

Notes: Wanted to rappresent a team of Ogryn guided by a bad-ass Commissar

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Name Grit FV SV Speed Points Notes Actions
Commissar Viktor Black 2+ +6 +4 +5 78 Leader. Refractor Shield (7+ to hit). Power Weapon (3pts). Plasma Pistol (3pts). Stalwart (5pts). Iron Discipline (5pts). Combat Master (5pts). Bionics (5pts). Vox-caster (5pts). Auspex (10pts). (not logged in)
Happy Ug 3+ +4 +1 +5 64 Tau Crisis Suit (9+ to hit). Power Klaw (4pts). Heavy Bolter (6pts). Terror (5pts). Nose for Trouble (5pts). Hard to Kill (5pts). Bionics (5pts). (not logged in)
Olg the "Snupr" 3+ +4 +2 +5 79 Tau Crisis Suit (9+ to hit). Thunder Hammer (4pts). Autocannon (15pts). Terror (5pts). Hard to Kill (5pts). Bionics (5pts). Targeter (10pts). (not logged in)
Undogg 3+ +4 +1 +5 54 Tau Crisis Suit (9+ to hit). Heavy Stubber (4pts). Shockmaul (1pts). Bionics (5pts). Hard to Kill (5pts). Terror (5pts). (not logged in)
"Mad" Gobbegg 3+ +5 +0 +5 62 Tau Crisis Suit (9+ to hit). Flamethrower (line) (2pts). Executioner Chainsword (6pts). Terror (5pts). Hard to Kill (5pts). Combat Master (5pts). Bionics (5pts). (not logged in)
Og "da Medic" 3+ +4 +1 +5 63 Tau Crisis Suit (9+ to hit). Battleaxe (1pts). Big Shoota (8pts). Bionics (5pts). Hard to Kill (5pts). Medic (5pts). Terror (5pts). (not logged in)
Total: 400