Retinue Name: Black Templars

Faction: Adeptus Astartes

Created by: S1nn3d1

Notes: Small Black Templars Warband

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Name Grit FV SV Speed Points Notes Actions
Sword Brethren Ingemar 2+ +4 +4 +1 61 Leader. Imperial Power Armour (8+ to hit). Power Weapon (3pts). Grenade (0pts). Bolt Pistol (3pts). Untouchable (5pts). Stalwart (5pts). Invoke Faith (5pts). Bionics (5pts). (not logged in)
Neophyte Maximilian 4+ +2 +2 +2 25 Space Marine Scout Carapace Armour (7+ to hit). Shotgun (1pts). Combat Knife/Dagger (0pts). Bolt Pistol (3pts). Stalwart (5pts). (not logged in)
Brother Paladin Karl 3+ +3 +3 +1 46 Imperial Power Armour (8+ to hit). Chainsword (2pts). Bolt Pistol (3pts). Stalwart (5pts). Combat Master (5pts). Untouchable (5pts). (not logged in)
Brother Paladin Lars 3+ +3 +3 +1 40 Imperial Power Armour (8+ to hit). Grenade (0pts). Combat Knife/Dagger (0pts). Bolter (4pts). Bayonet (0pts). Untouchable (5pts). Stalwart (5pts). (not logged in)
Total: 172