Retinue Name: Death Korps of Krieg

Faction: Imperial Guard

Created by: Z0R4N

Notes: Some Dkok standard profiles, I gave them stalwart to represent their courage and abnegation

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Name Grit FV SV Speed Points Notes Actions
Dkok Death Rider 3+ +3 +2 +3 31 Leader. Flak Jacket (6+ to hit). Spear (1pts). Stalwart (5pts). Hard to Kill (5pts). (not logged in)
Quartermaster 2+ +2 +3 +0 42 Leader. Flak Jacket (6+ to hit). Storm Bolter (5pts). Power Weapon (3pts). Iron Discipline (5pts). Stalwart (5pts). (not logged in)
Dkok Guard 4+ +1 +2 +0 18 Flak Jacket (6+ to hit). Lasgun (3pts). Stalwart (5pts). (not logged in)
Dkok Engineer 4+ +1 +2 +0 24 Carapace Armour (7+ to hit). Shotgun (1pts). Stalwart (5pts). Ground Fighter (5pts). (not logged in)
Dkok grenadier 4+ +2 +3 +0 28 Carapace Armour (7+ to hit). Hellgun (8pts). Stalwart (5pts). (not logged in)
Total: 143